How to judge the quality of solid wood furniture?

In fact, the value of solid wood furniture depends not only on the wood it uses, but also on these aspects:

First, the processing equipment and process capabilities of the manufacturers: generally large manufacturers have in place the treatment of wood, and the Factory Quality Assurance of small workshops will be worse. Even if all the wood used in small factories is real material, because of the equipment process, various problems may occur in the future.

The second is workmanship: not only the outside is beautiful, but the feel of the inside, the smoothness and neatness of the workmanship also reflect the quality of the furniture.

The third is accessories: the quality of binders (glues) and paints is also the key to environmental protection. The simpler the more environmentally friendly the better.

Fourth, hardware: the quality of hinges, slides, handles, etc. also greatly affects the quality of furniture.