What are the precautions for solid wood furniture decoration? What are the precautions for solid wood furniture maintenance?

Compared with fabric and leather furniture, solid wood furniture will be better and more durable. For this reason, many people choose solid wood when choosing furniture after decoration. What are the precautions for solid wood furniture decoration? If you want solid wood furniture to be used for a longer time, regular maintenance is a very important practice. What are the precautions for solid wood furniture maintenance?

What are the precautions for the decoration of solid wood furniture

1. Determine whether the furniture is really made of solid wood.

One of the mysteries of judging whether solid wood furniture is: wood grain and scar knots. For example, a cabinet door looks like a pattern on the outside, so according to the position of the pattern change, look at the corresponding pattern on the back of the cabinet [], and if it corresponds well, it is a pure solid wood cabinet door. In addition, looking at the scar knot is also a good way to identify pure wood: look at the location of the one side with the scar, and then look for the corresponding pattern on the other side.

2. Determine what kind of tree the solid wood is made of.

This directly affects the price and quality. Ordinary solid wood furniture usually uses beech, elm, catalpa, rubber wood, white oak, ash, and oak, while precious mahogany furniture mainly uses rosewood, chicken wing wood, and rosewood. The market for solid wood furniture is relatively chaotic, and there are often shoddy and confusing tree species. It is still necessary to buy products. At the same time, we should pay attention to the fact that the price of wood is rising day by day, and it is absolutely fraudulent to be too cheap.

3. Determine the origin.

Pay special attention to the origin of solid wood furniture and wood manufacturers. There is an old saying "solid wood but the Yangtze River", that is to say, after the solid wood furniture produced in the south arrives in the north, it will affect the moisture content due to the climate, which is prone to cracking, deformation and other problems. When purchasing, you must know where its origin is.

4. Observe whether the wood is defective.

The main stress-bearing parts of the furniture, such as the columns and the load-bearing horizontal strips between the connecting columns close to the ground, should not have large knots or cracks or cracks. The structure is firm, the frame must not be loose, and the tenons and materials are not allowed to be broken. The parts of the wood-based panels used on the furniture should be edge-banded, and the installation of various accessories must not leak nails, few pieces, or penetrate nails..

What are the precautions for the maintenance of solid wood furniture

1. Solid wood contains water. When the air humidity is too low, the hardwood furniture will shrink and expand when it is too high. Generally, solid wood furniture has a rising and shrinking layer during production, but you should pay attention when placing it, and do not put it in a place that is too wet or too dry, such as close to high temperature hot topics such as furnace heating, or in a place that is too wet to avoid mildew.

2. If the appearance of solid wood furniture is white wood paint, it will easily turn yellow over time. You can wipe it with a rag dipped in toothpaste, remember not to use too much force. You can also mix the two egg yolks well, apply a soft brush to the yellowed area, and wipe it clean with a soft cloth after drying.

8. The surface of the furniture should be prevented from rubbing against hard objects to prevent damage to the paint surface and the surface texture of the wood. For example, special care should be taken when placing decoration items such as porcelain and copper, and a soft cloth can be considered.

4. It is definitely not necessary to scrub solid wood furniture with a wet rag or rough rag. Use a clean and soft pure cotton cloth, add a small amount of furniture wax or walnut oil after a period of time, and gently wipe it back and forth along the wood grain.

5. Solid wood furniture is stuck with oil stains. Residual tea is an excellent cleaner. After wiping, spray a small amount of corn flour with wine to wipe, and finally wipe the corn flour. Corn flour can absorb all the dirt adsorbed on the surface of the furniture, and the paint surface will become brighter.

6. The appearance of the furniture should prevent too heavy items from being placed for a long time, otherwise the furniture will be easily deformed. Even for tables made of solid wood, it is not advisable to lay airtight materials such as plastic sheets on the table.

7. If the floor in the room is uneven, it will cause the furniture to deform for a long time. The prevention method is to use small wood pieces to pad it flat. If it is a bungalow or a house with low terrain, the legs of the furniture must be properly raised when the ground is wet, and the legs are also prone to moisture and corrosion.

8. Avoid placing furniture in front of large south-facing glass windows. Direct sunlight will make the furniture too dry and fade more easily. Hot water cups, etc. cannot be placed directly on the surface of the furniture, leaving traces. Colored liquids, such as ink, must be prevented from spilling on the table.

What are the precautions for solid wood furniture decoration? Using solid wood furniture indoors often echoes the overall interior decoration effect, especially the color of solid wood furniture should be able to match the interior as a whole. What are the precautions for solid wood furniture maintenance? Remember to stick to it for a long time when maintaining solid wood furniture. If you can't stick to it for a long time, the maintenance effect will be much worse.